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Schools PPA

PPA Cover Service

The PE and Sport premium is designed to assist primary schools to improve the quality of the PE and sporting activities they offer their pupils.


Most Schools receive a minimum of £8,000 with £5 extra given per child at the School- this is a lot of money available to spend on giving the best possible sports experience for the pupils but...


How is your primary school spending its PE and Sport Premium funding?


CASA offer a professional PPA cover service tailored to meet your school's requirements. Working with your school's budget, we can supply fully qualified and DBS checked sports coaches to deliver active and engaging lessons.


CASA currently provides PPA cover to 8 primary schools across Dorset covering a range of sports from Football to Dance and Gymnastics-if your School need it we can provide it!


We Can Offer...

Our flexible PPA package is designed to keep your pupils active while meeting the changing demands of today's Primary Schools. When two or more teachers need to collaborate over lesson plans, we can introduce extra coaches. We can tailor sessions to suit time and space available. And with your schools' budget in mind, we can supply our fully qualified, DBS certified sports coaches at an affordable price.

For more information or to discuss further services we can offer to your school, please get in contact via

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